Xiaomi FREE LG Jet Fighters -Live- Wallpaper version1.6 APK Download

Jet Fighters -Live- Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper for fans of military aviation.
You can watch jet fighters in a military base as they taxi, takeoff and fly. There are also helicopters flying by.

All planes and helicopters have realistic navigation lights (based on videos of real planes).

Flying and taking off aircrafts can be set up to use afterburners. There is also smoke/heat visible coming from the engines.

Available type of jet fighters:
- McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

Available types of jet fighters after upgrading via in-app purchase:
- Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor,
- Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk,
- General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon,
- Saab JAS 39 Gripen,
- Mikoyan MiG-29 (Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-29, "Fulcrum"),
- Sukhoi Su-27 (Сухой Су-27, "Flanker"),
- Eurofighter Typhoon.

Available type of helicopters:
- Boeing AH-64 Apache

Available types of helicopters after upgrading via in-app purchase:
- Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk,
- Mil Mi-24 (Миль Ми-24, "Hind").

In the upgraded version you can choose between 5 different backgrounds, 3 different horizon lines (Monument Valley, mountains, country side).

In settings you can also tweak ground level, turn on/off smoke and afterburners, navigation lights, set traffic density.

To set live wallpaper, go to "Settings" -> "Wallpaper" -> "Live Wallpapers" -> choose "Jet Fighters" -> "Set Wallpaper"

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S II with ICS, Asus Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean 4.2 (JB), Nexus 5 with Marshmallow.

Please send me feedback to:


DISCLAIMER: This application is made by a fan. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

SmoothDROID part of our Personalization and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 13, 2014. Google play rating is 86.1336. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 2.8 MB.

Whats new

    - fixed crash in Settings on Galaxy Tab/Note
    NOTE: Check out a wallpaper for military fans - Battlefield
Download jet-fighters-live-wallpaper.apk 2.8 MB


Jet Fighters Live Wallpaper Excellent for freeware. Great visuals, easy to use. Wonder if I should purchase this product or just continue with the free version. Makes me appreciate our armed forces even more! Without a very strong military & the brave men & woman who serve we would not live in a Democracy! We owe all of the people who are or have served honorably a huge debt that can never be fully paid! I personally thank all the men & women who have served so bravely & valiantly! So download & use this wallpaper today.

  • Nov. 12, 2014

It's great!!! In every meaning of the word...absolutely love it,just wish there was F-14 tomcats to choose from the list of planes???

  • Oct. 30, 2014

More plane! There's no F-14 tomcat, Mirage 2000, Panavia Tornado, also the after burner need more flash orange and longer

  • May 4, 2015

Easy and good Easy to hack into with rooted device and enable and disable all backfroumds and vehicles. LOL. Sorry

  • May 1, 2015

Very nice Very good. However, $2 is a bit pricey for the full version

  • March 25, 2015

Please please please add Royal Air Force Tornados, Seaking helicopter search & Rescue. And F14's. Please please please. As i would pay extra....................

  • April 15, 2015

Makes one fall -even more- in love with aviation I've been a fan of Jets all my life. Until the SmoothDROID LWP there was not 1 LWP that got my full attention. This goes together so well with my Digital Combat Simulator (PC) study sim. I would really appreciate an A10-A/C, AH64D-Longbow as well. Congrats !

  • March 28, 2015

SWEET! I love avation in general and military avation specific i will definitely recommend this to all my friends in the military and avation community's.

  • Jan. 30, 2015

Awsome I was looking for a good live wallpaper and here it is but to get the good stuff you need to pay money other than that its great

  • Nov. 25, 2014

Awesome! These live wallpapers rocks!

  • Feb. 1, 2015

Good Smooth and amazing.

  • Dec. 14, 2014

good i like this app

  • Jan. 27, 2015

Amazing Its the best wallpapers available

  • March 5, 2015

Best wallpaper of please good

  • Jan. 20, 2015

On my s4 totally happy since new update but screen got lines now on my nexus 7 New problem or design my nexus 7 with 4.4.4 has now got lines on screen I've checked other screen savers they are fine my S4 still has normal screen, so maybe a kitkat issue if u need screen shot pls advice , love the screen saver know on my s4/tablet Mark

  • Aug. 10, 2014

Great app Excellent app. Just what I was looking for. It would be good to see different views of the planes and choppers, instead of only the side view. If you could please add the F-14 or F-15 I will give it 5 stars. You can see the attention to detail of every aircraft, but it would be great if you can adjust the brightness and colour, so that the planes don't just look like silhouettes.

  • Oct. 2, 2014

The wallpaper is to good. But it take so much of time to download.

  • Aug. 28, 2014

Cool as hell!

  • July 27, 2014

Chris Slayton

  • Aug. 9, 2014

Excellent Upon having an issue with in app purchase, the developer was quick to contact me, and fix the situation within 48 hours. Not only is the wallpaper breathtaking, the customer service and knowledge this developer displayed was second to none. I am recommending this wallpaper to all my air force buddies.

  • April 15, 2014

What a great wallpaper. Absolutely awsome and realistic. If possible could you add somore backgrounds? Cudos to the developer. And sound? Thank you.great job!!

  • April 22, 2014

App is wonderful except can't change planes or background. Please fix. I still rate it 5 ★★★★★

  • May 15, 2014

What an awesome app! It does not kill your battery & has numerous options , I had this on my Galaxy S3. I recently switched to a Galaxy S5 and there was an issue with the software. 1 message to the developer and it was fixed within the day! Awesome customer service for a free app! Highly recommended, thank you! -Toby

  • April 13, 2014

Why only one plane and helicopter if its free it sucks

  • May 15, 2014

This is bad It wouldn't let me select F-16 fighting falcon. Do not get this app! It is horrible. It doesn't even look real. ¦[

  • June 8, 2014

Amazing! This app is sooo amazing. I like air force too..

  • May 8, 2014

Just amazing I am a massive jet fan and am going to be a jet pilot in the RAF, and just love the attention to detail I can really see you put a lot of effort into this app and am just memorised by how accurate and nice this app looks. 100 stars from me ;).

  • Jan. 19, 2014

1000 out of 5.... Very lovely & realistic °•*.*•°♡°•*.*•°♡♡°•*.*•°♡°•*.*• It comes to those who wait. I've been looking for aviation live wallpapers like this for years. This wonderful & realistic live wallpaper is the very best in the market & my favorite live wallpaper of the whole market. Actually! My husband's a pilot. This live wallpaper is very impressive graphically, technically & professionally. It feels as if we are in the air, flying, showing, spinning, & observing our planet. I have used & downloaded many live wallpapers but this distinguishing live wallpaper is surely by far the best & truly incredible, realistic, marvelous & outstanding. Never get tired of it. Awesome... speechless... like this live wallpaper... hat's off to the professionals... & a extraordinary genius.... I expect more such great live wallpapers from you & looking forward to new projects like this fantastic live wallpapers from you very soon. I had a "WOW" moment when I opened the realistic & gorgeous live wallpaper on my home screen. I wish you could add the more features, customizing options & settings of the more planes, more jets(1~ 9 background) & more helicopters.... Highly recommended! Definitely I give 1000 out of 5.... Still lovely °•*.*•°♡°•*.*•°♡♡°•*.*•°♡°•*.*•°

  • Feb. 20, 2014

So awesome! Being in the Air Force I can really appreciate this LWP. Pretty realistic for how simple it is. The strobes and beacons on the aircraft are accurate, the exhaust plume during taxi, the after burner on takeoff... really cool stuff. Definitely worth buying. I sure did. Can't wait to see more updates to this. Great job!

  • May 4, 2013

Awesome All your LWP are totally awesome, they work and look really good I'd recommend this and your others to anyone wanting something new and different, my favourite has to be the motorcycles but these others are worth owning and using there's nothing in the market like these wallpapers so great work guy's I'll look forward to future updates, Thank you.

  • July 7, 2013

Amazing It'd be nice if they added some old ww2 jets. Its still an amazing app

  • May 24, 2015

Lies The description lists all the planes and helicopters in the app but it doesn't u have to unlock them but u can't even touch them u only have the apache and the f/a 18 hornet/super hornet

  • June 22, 2015

A+ Love it but If you could put some background sound and add an A10 maybe a C5 or C130?

  • Dec. 8, 2015

I like it. The backdrop reminds me of the movie Top Gun. So I made it look and sounds like it. Please put some background ambiance. Thanks

  • Oct. 23, 2015

Not working Your other lwps display fine this however shows only the back ground.

  • Oct. 22, 2015

You should buy it, it really is much nicer with the extra sky changes and extra planes, like the f22 for instance.

  • Nov. 25, 2015

Living in Milton Keynes and jobs forward Android Apps. Very pleased to Technology and Figures

  • Jan. 17, 2016

Air combat fighters! Great app. I just wish the developer/s had more aircraft to choose from!?! An A-10 Thunderbolt would be nice to see flying in the skies. I also feel that it would be nice to see the jets banking turns towards and away from the runway or screen in the distance, not just the side to side movement, to add to the dynamics of the app!

  • Jan. 7, 2016

It's juz too Good Heyyy developer plz add more background in free version I'll give yeww 5 star. m using all your liver wallpapers like Bikes cars and airoplane mode but issue is of Background pl add more background in free version??

  • July 23, 2015

Love it - Suggestions Love this LWP. Could you add an A10 Warthog? Also, I don't know how difficult this would be but maybe day/night variations to the background. (Daytime - day background. Nighttime - night background) (According to system time) Thanks! Full version is great!

  • Dec. 28, 2015

Oh man!Jst wish "Warthog"could b here too riddling d enemies wid Mavericks & GAU-8!!!!

  • Nov. 8, 2015

AWESOME ! My first LWP I ever bought! To me, it hasn't lost any of it's lustre.

  • Oct. 3, 2015

Its absolutely amazing! I really loved it!! However, is it possible for you to make an update with some new planes like the F-14, F-15 and F-35 and some new helicopters as well like the AH-1. Also is it possible to make all the planes a bit more detailed like give moveable wheels and actually working suspensions, and maybe if possible moving surfaces too?

  • Dec. 16, 2015

You need to pay to get most of the items

  • Feb. 23, 2016

Great wwallpaper. Been using it for years

  • Nov. 28, 2015

Alright I suppose nothing to shout about though

  • Oct. 18, 2015

It is butiful Very VOICEMAIL

  • Sept. 16, 2015

Very very good i liked this app

  • Feb. 15, 2016

A+ Love it but If you could put some background sound and add an A10 maybe a C5 or C130? Also would love to see if can do one aircraft carrier landing and take off

  • April 15, 2016

It's juz too Good Heyyy developer plz add more background in free version I'll give yeww 5 star. m using all your liver wallpapers like Bikes cars and airoplane mode but issue is of Background pl add more background in free version??

  • July 23, 2015

Good but ....... There is only one of them is coming but I should say only 1 jet n 1 helicopter comes if u make it better in next update I will definitly give 5 stars OK ........ ????

  • Aug. 26, 2016

Jet Fighter Wallpaper Great app. Would pay for full app if Harrier/AV8B was included. App of WW2 warbirds such as Mustang & Spitfire would be great too. Thanks

  • Aug. 1, 2016

Dont know yet... We will see ....

  • Aug. 3, 2016

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